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Youth Assessment: Sexual Violence Risk

Risk Assessment Tools

  • Estimate of Risk of Adolescent Sexual Offence Recidivism (ERASOR)
  • Juvenile Sex Offender Protocol-II (J-SOAP-II)

Risk Assessment Tools Awaiting Further Validation

  • Assessment, Intervention and Moving On Project 2 (AIM2)
  • Assessing Risk to Repeat Sexual Behaviour Problems (AR-RSBP Version 2.1)
  • Juvenile Risk Assessment Scale (JRAS)
  • Juvenile Risk Assessment Tool (J-RAT)
  • Juvenile Sexual Offence Recidivism Risk Assessment Tool  (JSORRAT-II)
  • Multiplex Guided Inventory of Ecological Aggregates for Assessing Sexually Abusive Adolescents and Children (MEGA)
  • Sexually Harmful Adolescent Risk Assessment Protocol (SHARP)


Awaiting Validation

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